Sample of Recent Research Areas/Thrusts

Healthcare Operations and Systems Engineering

  • Healthcare systems design and appointment scheduling
    • “In Advance” Scheduling in coordinated surgical care; integrated outpatient care
    • Hospital system-wide patient flow and operations eng. for elective admissions
  • Online/self-serve Appointment Systems accounting for patient urgency
  • Operating Room Scheduling & Planning 
  • Factors contributing to hospital readmissions; online learning for readmissions control
  • Admissions Control, Flow Modeling, and Hospital Occupancy Control
  • Emergency Department  Redesign & Flow with additional triage information
  • Integrating Clinical Research into Clinical Care operations appropriately
  • Planning and Scheduling for Clinical Trials with emphasis on Clinical Research Units (performance sites)
  • Ward/unit shift design plus assignment

   Medical Decision Making and Predictive Analytics

  • Developed the first contextual multi-armed bandit online learning method for joint personalized optimization of treatment/medication and the nested decision of the dosage for blood pressure control.
  • Glaucoma: Disease modeling, forecasting, monitoring, and decision support for the control of risk factors
  • Advanced Macular Degeneration

   Long-term interest: Workforce agility – Strategies for cross-training workers

  • Services delivery in an environment of flexible personnel and service level guarantees

   Long-term interest:  Resilient supply chains:

  • Investment in dual sourcing and flexible secondary supplier as well as dynamic ordering policies in a multi-product environment with supplier disruptions.