Current & Past IOE courses taught:

Summary of courses taught (Michigan, Northwestern, Quinlan Sch. Bus. Loyola Univ. of Chicago)

  • Engineering courses taught:
    • Probability,
    • Stoch. Models & Simul.,
    • Op’s Analysis & Mgmt (created),
    • Stoch. Proc. I,
    • Stoch. Proc. II,
    • Simul. Analysis,
    • Markov Dec. Proc.,
    • Queueing Networks & Stochastic Networks & Operations
  • Business courses taught:
    • Advanced OM (u/g),
    • OM (u/g & MBA)
    • created Strategic Bus. Proc. Impr. (MBA),
    • Exec MBA OM 
    • Exec MBA Supply Chain Mgmt.
  • Experiential, real-world “design and analysis” courses and modules:
    • Since 2008, He has taught 17 semester courses of IOE 481 “Practicum in Hospital Systems.” Each year he teaches 60-75 students working on 18-24 health system projects on teams selected for diversity on multiple dimensions. Two op’s and quality improvement professionals mentor each team. It mimics a consulting organization, and delivers extensive ethical, professional, and data security training.
    • At LUC, he created experiential business problem solving process courses at the u/g and MBA levels. Ranging widely from strategy to tactics to execution, students were taught operations principles, project management, and a disciplined business problem solving method. These courses prompted him to create a start-up, Transformation Logic Tree, focused on the development of TLT, a graphical tool to support an integrated process of cause-effect analysis and problem solving that is especially useful for unstructured business challenges. It has been used by at least 6 universities in academic courses and has been included as a supplement to a well-selling book.

Teaching Tool – Critical Care Unit Bed Allocation Based on Mortality Risk and Acuity: 

1. ICU teaching tool presentation (A great Place to Start)
2. ICU queueing teaching tool to demonstrate the queueing optimization.

Acknowledgment: Partial funding for this work has been received from NSF Grants CMMI- 1068638 and 1233095 and NIH CTSA grant UL1TR000433. The funding organizations had no role in the design or conduct of this research.

Teaching Outreach via Software:

Software Contribution to a practical business-oriented problem solving methodology:  “The Logical Thinking Process: A Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving,” by H. William Dettmer, 2007, American Society for Quality (ASQ), Quality Press. ISBN 978-0-87389-723-5. Designed and lead the development of “Transformation LogicTree” (TLT) software which used to be commercially available and is also bundled with the book on a CD to implement/support the Thinking Processes component of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Software has been  used at Universities including Wash. State, Clemson, Albany State, Loyola U. Chicago, and the University of Michigan